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Gion Machiya
Gion Machiya
Gion Machiya
Gion Machiya
Gion Machiya
Gion Machiya
Gion Machiya
Gion Machiya
Gion Machiya
Gion Machiya
Gion Machiya
Gion Machiya
Gion Machiya
Gion Machiya

Kyoto, Japan

Gion Machiya

2 - 624


The Gion Machiya is a traditional Japanese "machiya" is located smack in the center of Gion. The Gion house was designated Gion historic district building by Kyoto City Government. The Gion House was built in 1892, and was completely restored under the supervision of Kyoto City Government in 2011, and it was stand up for historical Gion principle. It is rented an entire house. Our quests may come and go freely, using the house as their own.

The restoration was a labor of love, requiring the participation of artisans specializing in traditional carpentry Kyoto style techniques, and using natural materials in all areas both inside and out. Great efforts were made to recreate an atmosphere, which will allow guests to experience the traditional way of living.
An added modern touch for comfort is the luxurious bathing area and bathroom...where you can soak in the bathtub of pottery while gazing at ‘’Tsubo Niwa’’ garden, after a full day of sightseeing. The bathtub is from Sigaraki ware, and made by hand of traditional craftsman, who has made Shigaraki ware in front of Emperor some while. And, as room will be separated by traditional Japanese fusuma (papered sliding doors) and shoji (Japanese paper) screens with flowers beautifully arranged in along walls, you will feel a sense of warmth. Thus, the guest can experience Japanese aesthetic feeling and mystery in objects of everyday life. The house can be accommodating total maximum 4 persons, and are provided Japanese luxury style Futon on the tatami mat floors. The tatami are using un-dyed organic straw mat and authentic first grade base of tatami.

The living area is adjacent to its own small ’’ Tsubo Niwa’’ garden. There is floor-heating system, keeping the place warmer in the winter season. There is space called’’ Hiroen’’ which is located in between living room and garden. This space will give a feeling both outside and inside when the guest are sitting, and there is also designated a World Heritage Site ‘’Yakusugi’’ dining table, which is a Japanese cedar that term "Yakusugi" refers to trees are more than 1,000 years old. It is forbid the cutting of ‘’Yakusugi’’ now. The light are bring fun to the room, antique light, special order for hand made bamboo with paper light, and traditional wire work ’’Gaishi Biki’’.

The Gion House are just 3 minutes' walk from Hanamikoji Street, just 2 minutes’ walk from Miyagawacho, which are Hanamachi or geisha district in Kyoto, also find geishas scurrying down the alleyways on their way to work in the evenings easily.

The oldest Zen temple ‘’Kenninji Temple ‘’is a just 2 minutes walk away. Other temples are such as Kiyomizu temple, Sanjusankando temple, Tofukuji temple, Chion-in temple, numerous restaurants, and downtown shopping district located nearby, which are possible to visit from the Gion House by walk.

You’ll enjoy the luxury and authentic Japanese atmosphere of the Gion House, and spend quality time here in ’’ Machiya’’ our Gion House.

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Property Details


Single Family Home with 2 levels
2 bedrooms, 1 bath, 0 square feet


Queen and Queen
4 guests maximum

Nearest airport

Kyoto Airport
5 minutes by car

Property View

Overlooking the historic district of Kyoto

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Activities of Interest

  • Arts
  • Shopping
  • Museums
  • Antiquing
  • Restaurants

Places of Interest

  • Kyoto is home to a myriad of religious sites such as Kenninji Temple, the oldest Zen temple in the area
  • Kyoto's Uzumasa Movie Village has been the setting for all sorts of historical dramas, ninja films, samurai fight scenes and flicks of geishas. Japan's equivalent of Hollywood's Universal Studios makes for an exciting day out
  • The Gion Historic District

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