FÄHRHAUS (HS) - Koblenz, Germany
FÄHRHAUS (HS) - Koblenz, Germany
FÄHRHAUS (HS) - Koblenz, Germany
FÄHRHAUS (HS) - Koblenz, Germany
FÄHRHAUS (HS) - Koblenz, Germany
FÄHRHAUS (HS) - Koblenz, Germany
FÄHRHAUS (HS) - Koblenz, Germany
FÄHRHAUS (HS) - Koblenz, Germany
FÄHRHAUS (HS) - Koblenz, Germany
FÄHRHAUS (HS) - Koblenz, Germany
FÄHRHAUS (HS) - Koblenz, Germany
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Rooms flooded with light. Meeting of being and existence. Arrive. Good for body, mind and soul. Generously. Unique retreat. Contemporary comfort. Zeitgeist. The focus is always on the view. Casual elegance and natural materials.

With 37 modern, soundproofed rooms and views of the Moselle or a view of the countryside. Located in one of the oldest cities in Germany. Guests will find a variety of museums, castles, historic houses. The streets are an open-air invitation for a walk.

For those looking for proper relaxation time, the hotel has a Spa with a number of treatments to make you feel special, cared. Leaving the routine outside refocusing only on yourself. (Separate charges apply and must be checked with hotel staff during your stay.)

Fährhaus' restaurant is also a feature not to be missed for either those that are after a sophisticated menu or creative cocktails.

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Private Residence with 1 level
1 bedroom, 1 bath, 0 square feet, 0 square meters


2 guests maximum

Nearest airport

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport
57 min by car

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No Pets Allowed
Handicap Accessible
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Activities of Interest

  • Arts
  • Rhine Viewing Platform - Enjoy beautiful views over Rhine and Moselle confluence.
  • Monastery Maria Laach - Benedictine abbey built n the 11th-12th centuries.
  • Castle Eltz - This Castle is over 850 years old and has been a landmark displaying the best of the medieval style.

Places of Interest

  • Electoral Palace (11min drive) - The Electoral Palace in Koblenz is one of the most important palatial buildings in the French early Classicism style in south-western Germany.
  • Koblenz Theatre (11min drive) - One of the only surviving examples of classical theatre construction on the Middle Rhine, and is the earliest example of a gallery theatre in Germany.
  • Deutsches Eck (10 min drive) - The name translates as German Corner, as the Teutonic Order got established at the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle.